High Accuracy 1 Cell Li-ion/Li-polymer Battery Protection



SC5613 series are single cell Li-ion battery primary protection IC. It monitors the battery voltage and current, provide accurate protection and recovery threshold and control the external CHG and DSG FET to provide full array protection. The current is monitored via the voltage across the external sense resistor. For better system thermal performance, SC5613 could enable the use of low sense resistor to reduce the power dissipations SC5613 is available in 6 pin DFN6L package



●  Voltage Protection
– Over charge voltage protection (±20mV)
– Over discharge voltage protection (±35mV)
●  Current Protection
– Charging overcurrent detection voltage (±1mV)
– Discharging overcurrent detectionvoltage1(±1mV)
– Discharging overcurrent detection voltage2 (±2mV)
– Load short detection voltage protection (±5mV)
●  Accurante delay circuit
●  Support small sense resistor
●  Low Current consumption
– Normal mode 2.4uA typ
– Over-discharge mode 1.3uA typ
●  Additional feature
– Selectable 0V charging allowed/inhibit
– OV Latch enable/disable
●  Package DFN6L 1.57*1.9



●  Smartphone
●  Tablet
●  Battery Pack
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